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Celebration of ILPPW 2020 in Nepal

With the Support of WHO County Office for Nepal and coordination with National Health Education, Information and Communication Center (NHEICC), Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Government of Nepal, CEPHED Nepal has planned to organize following events to celebrate ILPPW 2020 in Nepal 1.Collection & Customizing the GAELP Campaign Materials 2020 (Posters, Flier, info graphics and banner) etc. distribute to all events: National level Kick off and stakeholder workshop with three provinces No. 1, 2, and 5 (Lumbini) of Nepal. 2.Organize an ILPPW Kick Off and Interaction Program at national level to kick off the ILPPW 2020 among health and environment journalists around the country and concerned government agencies through webinar. 3.Organize an Awareness Raising, Capacity building program on "Prevention of Lead Exposure and Effective Implementation of Lead Paint Standards‚ÄĚ with three provinces No. 1, 2, and 5 (Lumbini) of Nepal through ZOOM webinar. 4. Mass awareness through prepare, production and broadcasting of Radio PSA and Social Media messaging on BLL & Lead paint standard from national most popular FM Radio Station of Nepal. 5. Advocacies with concerned government agencies: Write letters and follow up to concerned ministries (Health, Environment and Industry) for: (A) Full compliance of our mandatory Lead Paint Standard; (B). Envision the National BLL screening policy for all children of Nepal and (C).Develop BLL testing infrastructure in all seven provinces of Nepal etc.