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With the growing interest and engagement with various environmental issues of national and international importance, CEPHED became an active participating organization of several global networks working in the area of public health, environment and toxic free future. CEPHED is member organization of Toxic Link, International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), Environment Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), Zero Mercury Working Group (ZMWG)/EEB, World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry (WAMFD), Asian Center for Environmental Health, International Asbestos Ban Secretariat etc.

CEPHED has been conducting various network build-up and alliance program with the major objectives to:
  1. Raise awareness about overall environmental issues of the country. Majority of the CEPHED's activities were focused on chemical issues thus raising the awareness about overall chemical safety.
  2. Share the results and findings obtained from CEPHED's research activities.
  3. Share the progress of governmental activities on environmental issues.
  4. Regular update of plans, proposals and agendas from international forum and link up those agendas into national scenario.
  5. Initiate the networking and alliance building activities to robust the chemical safety, protection of human health particularly children's health and worker's safety.
  6. Solicit the key message or convey of message from Government to International Forum.
  7. Share the learning (from local level to global level) to suitable forum (local level to global level).

Government Agencies
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Ministry of Health and Population
Department of Health Services
Department of Education
Nepal Bureau of Standard and Metrology
Solid Waste Management and Technical Support Centre
Ministry of Finance
Private and Professional Organization
Nepal Dental Association
Federation of Grill and Steel Fabricator's Association Nepal
Leader's Nepal
Paint Dealer's Association
Development Agencies
United Nation Environment Programme
European Union
World Health Organization
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
SEAM Nepal
UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Centre
Hesperian Foundation
Global Network
International POPs Elimination Network
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternative
European Environment Bureau
Toxic Link
World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint
Asian Center for Environmental Health