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January 3rd , 2018
The Supreme Court of Nepal has rejected a writ, filed by Nepal Paint Manufacturers Associations (NMPA) and other paint industry allies, which sought to nullify a mandatory standard for lead in paint enacted three years ago by the Government of Nepal. ďThis is a victory for Nepalese children, who will now be protected from lead exposure in their homes, schools and parks, where heavily leaded paints are commonly used. Effective implementation of the law by all concerned government agencies will ensure that children in Nepal have the opportunity to grow and reach their full intellectual potential. On 1st January 2018, a joint bench of Justice Om Prakash Mishra and Justice Bham Kumar Shrestha of the Supreme Court of Nepal dismissed the writ filled by NPMA and allied paint industries after final hearing. A group of senior lawyers, Mr. Padama Br. Shrestha, Ms.Arju Karki, Mr.Bhuwan Niraula, Mr. Raju Fuyal, Mr. Ganesh Dahal, Mr. Ram Kumar Acharya and Mr. Narayan Acharya, pleaded the case in favor of the mandatory standard in the Supreme Court, with Mr. Ram Charitra Sah of CEPHED providing technical support to the legal team.

International Lead Poisoning Prevention week 2017

October 22 to 28, 2017
Please Join Hands with us for globally celebrating International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (ILPPW) from October 22 to 28, 2017. CEPHED and LEADERS Nepal together planned series of programs in collaboration with Department of Environment, Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE), Government of Nepal in association with Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ), Nepal Bar Association, PRO PUBLIC, CELSAC, EDCLF, Kathmandu Medical College and Samyak Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd. etc.supported by WHO Country Office for Nepal and IPEN. Oct. 22 to 28 , Radio Jingle from Radio Sagarmatha FM 102.4 MHz Oct. 22 to 28 TV PSA from Kantipur Television, between 6:30 to 7 Pm Oct. 22. Sunday: ILPPW 2017 KICK OFF PRESS MEET at Reporters Club, Vrikuti Mandap, 1 PM. Releasing News Lead Paint Study Report. Oct. 24. Tuesday, LEAD PAINT ELIMINATION Orientation Training for Journalists at Alfa Beta House, 9:30 to 1 PM Oct. 27. Friday. LEAD PAINT ELIMINATION Orientation Training for Lawyers at Alfa Beta House, 1 to 6 PM Oct. 29. LEAD PAINT ELIMINATION Orientation Training for Doctors at Alfa Beta House, 10 to 1 PM


15th July 2017
On behalf of entire children of Nepal, Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) would like to wholeheartedly thanks and welcome the Government of Nepal`s Child Friendly, Health and Environment friendly decision of enacting Mandatory Toys Standard through publishing a gazette notification on last 16th January 2017 with the grace period of 181 days thus took effects since today i.e. July 15th 2017. Effective implementation of this mandatory toys standard by all respective government agencies will ensured the right to play Safe of Nepalese children, one third of total population of Nepal said Mr. Ram Charitra Sah, Executive Director and Environment Scientist at CEPHED.

Go for Mercury Free Dentistry: Live Mouth Smart.

19th March 2017
GO FOR MERCURY FREE DENTISTRY : Live MOUTH SMART. Celebrating World Oral Health Day, March 20, 2017, Nepal. Ask your Dental Doctors for Mercury Free Alternatives fillings.

Government of Nepal Enacted Children Toys Standard

3rd January 2017

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action 2016

October 23 to 29, 2016
CEPHED in association with Government of Nepal , Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE) Celebration of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action (ILPPWA 2016)" from October 23 to 29 globally called by Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (GAELP), a joint initiative of WHO and UNEP through organizing series of events PRESS MEET, School Orientation , School Rally, seminar on Effective implementation of Lead Paint Standard in Nepal, awareness and capacity building training for Painter who are more vulnerable with leaded paints and interaction with the celebrities who are acting in the paints advertisement messaging wrong information to the public etc. The programs of CEPHED towards celebration this week of action is supported from WHO and IPEN.

National Asbestos Profile of Nepal and OSH Report

21 October 2016
We had very successful interaction program on OSH and Launching of National Asbestos Profile of Nepal today well participated by over 50 participants from Trade Unions, Academician, Scientist, Media as well as exclusively concerned government officials from Department of Custom, Department of Urban development, Ministry of Labour, Nepal BAR Association, Department of Environment etc. The Chief guest Mr. Ranarayan Raj Timilsina, Acting Secretary of Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE), Government of Nepal release our National Asbestos Profile of Nepal along with the representatives from BAR Association, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), Madeshi Trade Union , Occupational , OSH Health Expert etc. Program were held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohan Katuwal, Advisor of CEPHED, President of Federation of Grill and Steel Fabricators Nepal and Vice President (Objective), Small and Cottage Industry , Nepal Two paper were presented based on the result findings entitled Study of Current Status of Occupational Safety and Health in Nepal ( with special reference to Brick, Cement and Stone Crusher Industries) in Nepal Mr. Dinesh Prasad Sah, OSH Expert and A brief presentation on "National Asbestos Profile and Call for Effective Implementation "Mr. Ram Charitra Sah, Executive Director/Environment Scientist, CEPHED. with best regard Ram Charitra Sah , Executive Director/ Environment Scientist CEPHED, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel; 01- 5201786, Mob: 9803047621 Email info@cephed.org.np Email: ramcharitra@gmail.com

Environment Conservation Award 2016 received

7th June 2016
Mr. Ram Charitra Sah, Executive Director of CEPHED honored with Environment Conservation Award 2016 by K.P. Sharma Oli, Rt. Honorable Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on the occasion of World Environment Day. It is indeed great recognition of his long hard works for environment conservation, protection of public health, chemical safety and hazardous waste waste management.

Earthquake Resilience and Chemically Safe Reconstr

16 January 2016
Please find the attached press release about "Earthquake Resilience and Chemically Safe Reconstruction of Nepal" towards celebration of 18th Earthquake Safe Day 2016 and request to publish this news about essential aspect for reconstruction to meet the aim of Building Back Better Nepal and protecting human health and environment. Thank you With best regard Ram Charitra Sah Executive Director / Environment Scientist

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action 2015

October 25 to 31, 2015
Please join hands to celebration the 3rd International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action 2015 called by Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paints (GAELP), a joint initiative of World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) with the aim of eliminating lead paint to protect public health and environment. The week of action globally observed from October 25 to 31, 2015 by organizing several activities around the world. We from Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) has been celebrating this International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action in Nepal by organizing week long activities and beyond: Press Release;Customizing, Publication and wide distribution of GAELP campaign materials such as posters and stickers; Mass dissemination of mandatory lead paint standard of 90 ppm Nepal through radio, TV and print media; Orientation and mounting of flex painting and wall painting with lead free paints in some 30 to 40 schools and public places in Kathmandu Valley and Organizing a Seminar on Lead Paint Elimination with all concerned stakeholders especially government agencies (MOHP, MOSTE, DDCs. Dept of Environment, Dept. of Custom, Department of Education etc.) , paint industries, paint dealers, paint workers, consumers, professional association, NGOs and media personnel etc.Our aim is to popularize the newly enacted mandatory lead paint standard of 90 ppm gazetted on last 22 December 2014 by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE) in order to increase its effective implementation to protect public health including that of children and environment. Please download the PRESS Releases from Press Release section for maximizing outreaches.

Join Mercury Free Health Care Professional, Nepal

15 August 2015

Join Mercury Free Health Care Professional, Nepal on FacebookIf you practice Mercury Free Dentistry and/or Want to be a Mercury Free Health Care Professionals, please join and contribute to this initiatives.You can join this Mercury Free Health Care Professional Group by login to this link.


Bagmati Cleanign Campaign and Human Chain

11 April 2015 Saturday Morning

Please join us on 11 April 2015 Saturday Morning in Bagmati Cleaning and making HUMAN CHAIN

Kathmandu set to be Plastic Bag Free

8th April 2015
Government Banned Import, Sale, Distribution and Use of Plastic Bags Government of Nepal, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MOSTE) as per the provision of Environment Protection Act 1997 (Section 7 and Sub-section 3) decided to Ban of Import, Sale, Distribution and Use of Plastic Bag of size 20*35 inch and 40 micron thick inside the Kathmandu Valley by publishing a notice in Nepal Gazette (Khand 64, Number 45, Part 5, Date April 1, 2015). This decision was taken in order to make Kathmandu Valley healthy and pollution free. Area set by the decision are as follows: East: Godawari Bhanjyang, Tribeni Dada, Party Bhanjyang, Eastside of Amaldol, Rohini Bhanjyang, Kirtike Bhanjyang, Manchuri Lekh, Chipudada West: Simpani, Kaaji Gaun, Bhattarchaur, Dakshinkali, Taaluk Gurdama Khola, PaniDhalo, Eastside of Chankhel, Chandragiri simbhanjyang, Dahachok Dada, Majuwa Gaun, Bhimadhunga Thumki, Bhudakhu, Paachmane Bhanjyang North: Paachmane Bhanjyang, Shibapuri Lake, Bolang and Chipudanda South: Godawari Bhanjyang, Dhungakhani river, Bhagwan Dada, Lele Bhanjyang, Deurali Thumki, Baabiya Gaaun, South side of Maane, Bagmati river, Simapani

CEPHED at Audio Notice Board

22nd Jan. 2015
From 22nd Jan 2015, CEPHED launched its audio notice board with the support of Nepal Telecom. You can listen to CEPHED at 1618-01-5201786.

Asia will phase out Amalgam by 2018

12th January 2015
More than 137 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), individuals, dentists and professionals from Asian countries signed a declaration calling for Asia to phase out Amalgam by 2018.

The South and South East Asia Summit on Phasing Out Amalgam, held in Dhaka on 14 November 2014, bringing together with Dentists and NGO leaders from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand have adopted the Dhaka Declaration and now invite Dentists and NGO leaders from across Asia to join as signatories.

 Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury, a major neurotoxin. Its continuous use is not justified because alternatives are now affordable, effective, and available in Asia. The restriction of its use is demanded worldwide in the Minamata Convention on Mercury, adopted by more than 140 governments and the EU in 2013, in Kumamoto, Japan. Signed by 128 nations and ratified by 8.

The CSOs call the Asian countries to work together and make Asia the first continent with mercury-free dentistry Ė considering that Asia is more densely populated than any other continent and the health and environmental costs will therefore be more significant.

In addition, the CSOs call the countries to adopt effective amalgam phase down strategies that have been proven in nations that have already phased out or significantly reduced dental mercury use by raising awareness about dental mercury to parents, consumers, dental workers, health professionals, and educators and achieve the following priorities;

1. Make it an immediate priority to stop the use of mercury amalgam in the treatment of children and pregnant women by June 2015.
2. Develop an alternative dental curriculum with a specific chapter on the dental restoration process of amalgam and its harm to dental staff, patients and the environment by 2015.
3. Pass national regulation to ban the use, import and sale of mercury amalgam by 2016-2020 as per country situation.
4. Promote alternative restoration materials and ensure they are affordable and accessible.

Furthermore, the CSOs call Asian countries to reject the double standard mentality which infers that Asians must accept toxic chemicals that the rest of the world is rejecting.

Press Release from CEPHED can be found here (PRESS RELEASE)

For the detail about Dhaka Declaration, go to this link (DHAKA DECLARATION).

Government of Nepal Enacts Lead Paint Standard

25th December, 2014
The standard, published through a Gazette Notification, will be mandatory and will regulate all paints imported to Nepal, as well as produced, sold, distributed and used in Nepal. It will be effective six months from now, and will require labels that show lead content and provide a precautionary message in order to avoid occupational exposures.† (Source: IPEN)

Govt bans import, use of asbestos

24th December 2014
The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE), as per the provision of Environment Protection Act 1997, published a notice in Nepal Gazette on Monday to ban the hazardous asbestos sheets and related products to protect human health as well as environment from harmful consequences due to its increasing use in the construction sector. This decision will automatically come into effect within 181 days after the date of notification. (Source, The Kathmandu Post)