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Study of Lead in Cosmetics (Lead in Lipsticks)

Study of Lead in Cosmetics (Lead in Lipsticks)Nepalese market has been flooded with several registered un registered cosmetics products shops. As there is low level of awareness and completely absence of any regulatory authority as well as any regulatory legal framework, an indicative study of Lead in Lipsticks has been conducted by† laboratory testing of 8 several national, multinational and international products of lipsticks. The branded included into the study were Revlon, Loreal Paris, Lakme, MAC, Schisciedo, Dily, Channel and Midie. Certain brands of Lipstick found in Nepalese market and mostly used by the general public have been found to be contained very high amount of lead ranges from 30 to 145 ppm hazardous for health of people especially child bearing age and lactating female.