UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Centre

The UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Centre, a joint initiative of the Eco-Peace Leadership Centre Foundation (EPLCF) and UNEP, was inaugurated in August 2006.

The UNEP-EPLC aims develop and provide environmental education programmes to strengthen research, technical and managerial skills of civil society in developing countries in the region. The Centre supports environment projects, conferences and workshops, scholarships as well as research and demonstration projects. In addition, the Centre serves as a domestic and regional hub for training, scientific research and information exchange. It provides a platform where civil society in Asia Pacific can constructively engage in dialogue and exchange information and foster greater knowledge and leadership skills to encourage environmentally sustainable development, a much needed focus in a region with some of the fastest-growing economies in the world (

CEPHED has been participating in UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Centre since 2008 and has successfully completed following research and development programs.

2008: Study in developing best strategy for the Environmental Conflict Settlement of Nepal
2009: Energy Efficient lighting system and bio-fuel plantation demonstration in Nepal
2012: Study of Heavy Metals in Children Toys and Campaign for safe play in Nepal
2014: Reduction of Dioxin and Furan through development of Environmentally Sound Health Care Waste Management Model in Private Hospital of Nepal (ongoing).

Out put of program "Study of Heavy Metals in Children Toys and Campaign for safe play in Nepal", organizing committee selected the program among 3 best executed programs of the batch and facilitate Mr. Manish Thapa, Program Officer, CEPHED with the EXCELLENCE AWARD.

This program also able to draw the attention of high level government agencies including Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) and leads to policy decision to address the toxic chemicals issues in Children Toys imported, produced, sale, distribution and uses in Nepal.