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Color of Health (From The Kathmandu Post)
Color of Health
- The new standard of 90 ppm lead in paints will ultimately help eliminate leaded paint from Nepal

Three consecutive studies of lead in paint carried out for the first time in Nepal by a research-based non-governmental organization, the Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (Cephed), from 2010 to 2013, found that over 70 percent of paints, especially enamel paints, contain high levels of lead well above than 90 parts per million (ppm), the internationally accepted standard for lead in paints. The maximum level of lead in the 2013 study was 130,000 ppm, 1,444 times more than the American, Chinese, and Indian standard for lead in paints. All this in the absence of required legislative and institutional frameworks to regulate the amount of lead in paints.

A new mandatory standard of 90 ppm lead in paints has been promulgated by the Government of Nepal's Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette (Khand 64, Number 30, Part 5,

Notice No. 3 December 22, 2014) as per the Rule 15 of the Environment Protection Regulation 1997. The standard will come into effect after 181 days, on June 20.

Nepal is the 53rd country in the world to establish lead paint regulation and one of only a handful of low- and middle-income countries to set limits on lead in paint. The Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint, a joint initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme and WHO, has set a goal of eliminating lead in paint in all countries by the year 2020.
Source: The Kathmandu Post (20th January 2015)


Toxic Paints (From the Kathmandu Post)