World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry

The World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry unites NGOs, group of patients, consumers organizations, medical organizations and individual expert who promote one single aim: the total ban of mercury from dentistry.

With the aim of banning mercury from Nepal, CEPHED is conducting the research and advocacy programs with the support and close coordination from World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry.
With the support of WAMFD, CEPHED jointly with Nepal Dental Association and Governmental Agencies organized a following programs:
On 26th-27th May 2014, CEPHED organized a National Conference on MERCURY FREE DENTISTRY, Regulatory Framework, Phase out Plan and Inclusion of Mercury Alternatives in Curriculum with support from Department of Health Services.

Major 5 point drawn from the group discussion and sectoral commitments made as important point for Kathmandu Declaration for Mercury Free Dentistry which are as follows:

  • Comprehensive regulatory frameworks (Acts and Regulation) to promote mercury free health care services and mercury free dentistry in Nepal by 2015/2016
  • General Practitioners and Professionals Associations have agreed to stop using mercury amalgam in children and pregnant women by 2017 and phase-out use of mercury amalgam from dentistry by 2018.
  • Academic University and Institutions have agreed to revised and fully implement the dental curriculum by 2019.
  • Issues of awareness raising, development of waste management facilities and encourage of insurance policy and tax exemption for mercury free alternatives.
  • Ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury as soon as possible.

With the support of WAMFD, NDA and CEPHED jointly organized a Program on Minamata Convention on Mercury Moving Towards Mercury Free Dentistry & Health Care Services in Nepal on 16th August, 2013