Persistent Organic Pollutant (FS)

Fact Sheets of 22 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) under Stockholm Convention.
This is the outcome of CHPHED's long continuous work in the sector of POPs. This publication is a single important document having all the updated information on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), Stockholm Convention on POPs, lists of listed POPs under Stockholm Convention, list of all the Articles and their contents of Stockholm Convention Text and criteria as well as the process of enlisting a chemical under the Convention list. This document further mainly includes the fact sheets on all POPs enlisted under the convention. It has been prepared under the ongoing first project of POPs thematic area of the GEF SGP UNDP entitled 'Public awareness and participation for elimination of POPs and its sources from Nepal' and introduces basic information on the 22 POPs Chemicals (Twelve + Nine + One) so far listed under the Stockholm Convention on POPs in a single publication form to fulfill the gap of the lack of consolidated reference materials about POPs. These facts sheets have tried to include the updated information such as name, trade name, CAS number, structures, properties, impact on human health and environment, standard, persistency, alternatives, and country specific issues related to each and every POPs chemicals listed under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. This publication will be the first published detail reference material about all POPs enlisted under Stockholm Convention on POPs in Nepal. As all the facts including country specific issue of 22 POPs enlisted under Stockholm Convention have been presented in this book, this publication will be helpful for Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ministry of Energy including their concerned Departments of Nepal towards addressing the problems of POPs and their solutions. We are sure that this publication will also be an essential document for the faculties and students of science faculty mainly for the subjects like Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environment Management, Environment Engineering, Public health, and Medicine etc. We believe that this publication will be a breakthrough towards achieving the goal of Nepal's National Implementation Plan (NIP) for Stockholm Convention on POPs. CEPHED would like to acknowledge all who have supported our initiatives to bring this publication in this form and especially to GEF SGP UNDP for its financial support to produce this important manuscript.

We would like to thank for generous support of Mr. Keshab Raj Joshi, Ms. Sabina Silwal and Mr. Prakash Shahi.

CEPHED would also like to acknowledge IPEN, HCWH, CHE, ZMWG/EEB, Toxics Link, SSNC, GAIA and individual experts from all these networks for their technical support & cooperation to develop these fact sheets on all listed POPs under Stockholm Convention.


CEPHED always welcomes the feedbacks and suggestions towards improving the contents of the book in the days ahead as this is the first ever attempt to bring all these fact sheets in one single book form.

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