Ministry of Health and Population

From the very beginning of its establishment, CEPHED is working on public health related issues and is working in close relation with Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP). Time and again, CEPHED is conducting the various research programs with support from MOHP and organizing awareness raising and capacity building program jointly with MOHP.

In the year 2014, for the celebration of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Awareness Week dated 19th-25thOctober 2014, MOHP and CEPHED jointly produced the IEC materials and disseminated it with the support from World Health Organization and EU IPEN. You can find IEC materials in PUBLICATIONS section.

CEPHED produced the Environment friendly Health Care Waste Management Technologies and Mercury Free Health Care Services in support of MOHP.

MOHP produced the awareness raising radio jingle regarding the mercury and its impact on human health with technical support from CEPHED.

National Conference on MERCURY FREE DENTISTRY, Regulatory Framework, Phase out Plan and Inclusion of Mercury Alternatives in Curriculum was jointly organized on May 26-27, 2014 by CEPHED and Nepal Dental Association with the support from UNDP GEF Small Grant Program,World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, Asian Center for Environmental Health in the coordination from Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal, Department of Health Services, Government of Nepal, Management Division, Department of Health Services, Government of Nepal and Oral Health Focal Point, Government of Nepal

Program on Minamata Convention on Mercury Moving Towards Mercury Free Dentistry & Health Care Services in Nepal was organized on 16thAugust, 2013 jointly by CEPHED with support of MOHP, Nepal Dental Association (NDA) and World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry (WAMFD).

During the 4th February2013, CEPHED and MOHP jointly organized the interaction program on Mercury Free Health Care Services.

National workshop on Health Care Waste Management and Mercury Free Health Care was jointly organized on 13th-14thJan, 2011 with the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Department of Health Services (DOHS), Management Division at Kathmandu.