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Leaderís Nepal

LEADERís Nepal is non-profit organization working for the betterment of public health and environment. Like CEPHED, Leaderís Nepal also conducted various activities on lead related issues
For the standard formulation for Lead in Paint, CEPHED and LEADERís Nepal jointly advocated and were part of technical committee formed by Ministry of Science Technology and Environment.
For the awareness raising and capacity development program, CEPHED and LEADERís Nepal jointly organized several workshops. LEADERís Nepal and CEPHED jointly organized a stakeholder meeting on awareness raising and testing facility development for blood lead Toxicity on 30th April 2014 with motive to inform about the lead in paint and lead in blood issues in Nepal, to discuss on sources of Lead Exposure, Problem and Perspective of Lead in Blood, to discuss about the national and international practices of BLL abatements and to identify the need and feasibility of setting BLL facilities and Lead Referral Center in Nepal.