Mercury Free Dentistry in Nepal

Responding to the research based campaign lead by Center for Public Health & Environmental Development (CEPHED) in close coordination and collaboration with all concerned organization. Honorable Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Health and Population Upendra Yadav on 21st August 2019.took very progressive decision to ban use of mercury dental amalgam and equipment's in Nepal. Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) in consultation with all concerned professional associations like Nepal Dental Association (NDA), Nepal Medical Association (NMA), Universities (KU & TU), World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office for Nepal, Academies of Health Sciences like PAHS, NGOs and all other concerned stakeholder etc. has took this environment and health friendly decision. This will immensely contribute towards effective implementation of Minamata Convention on Mercury, recommendations of Minamata Initial Assessment (MIA) report of Government of Nepal. Please find and circulate these Decision of GON, MOHP to all associated with health care services (Dental and General). ASK ONLY FOR MERCURY FREE DENTAL FILLINGS WHILE VISITING YOUR DENTIST. Thank you all for support, help, coordination and collaboration towards achieving these decisions to ensure chemical safety in Nepal. Also see additional links of associated news: HTTPS://REVOSCIENCE.COM/NP/2019/09/15/21367