International POPs Elimination Network

IPEN is an international NGO Network of public health and environmental organizations from all regions of the world working to establish and implement safe chemicals policies and practices that protect human health and the environment. IPEN's mission is a toxics-free future for all. CEPHED is an active Partner Organization of IPEN Network and had executed several IPEN Supported program and Campaign in Nepal successfully. Production of IEC material on Incineration and launching it through Organizing interaction program. National Level Awareness and Training Workshop on Pesticide POPs in Nepal. Bio- Medical Waste and the POPs. Studying Current Practices in Kathmandu, Nepal. Study on Mercury Import, use and management in Katmandu Valley. Study, Awareness Raising and Capacity building about Electronic Waste in Nepal. Bio-monitoring of Mercury Contamination in Nepal. EU IPEN SWITCH ASIA Lead Paint Elimination project. Recently, CEPHED launched the research based National Report on Lead in New Enamel Household Paints in Nepal as the last products under EU IPEN SWITCH ASIA Lead Paint Elimination Project. The Asian Lead Paint Elimination Project was a project of IPEN with EUR 1.4 million funding from the European Union implemented in 7 Asian countries. The project was conducted over a three year period in seven countries (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand). Its purpose is to eliminate lead in paint in those countries and raise widespread awareness among property owners, painters, paint companies and consumers about the adverse human health impacts of lead-based decorative paints,particularly on the health of children under six years old. Under this project, CEPHED produced series of research report entitled "Lead in Nepal's New Enamel Household Paints (2013)" and "Lead in Household Dust in Nepal (2014)" along publication of awareness raising IEC materials and disseminated widely. This project leads to the policy influences in Nepal and finally resulted with the Promulgation of the mandatory standard of 90 ppm for Lead in Paints. Gazetted recently on 22 December 2014 and been effective since 20th June 2015.(pls see the policy influence section).