Banning of Asbestos

Government Banned Import, Sale, Distribution and Use of Carcinogenic Asbestos

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MOSTE) as per the provision of Environment Protection Act 1997 (Section 7 and Sub-section 3) decided to Ban of Import, Sale, Distribution and Use of Asbestos ( Corrugated , Non Corrugated Sheet, Tiles , Insulators) by publishing a notice in Nepal Gazette (Khand 64, Number 30, Part 5, Date December 22, 2014, Notice No. 4). This decision helps to protect human health as well as environment from negative consequences of Asbestos. This decision of will automatically come into effect on 181 days from the date of gazette notification.

CEPHED welcome this Government move to ban Import, Sale, Distribution and Use of Asbestos Sheets, Tiles and Insulating Materials in Nepal and urge for its effective implementation by all.

Environment Protection Act 1997, Section (7). Prevention and Control of Pollution
Sub Section 7 (1) Nobody shall create pollution in such a manner as to cause significant adverse impacts on the environment or likely to be hazardous to public life and people's health, or dispose or cause to be disposed sound, heat radioactive rays and wastes from any mechanical devices, industrial enterprises, or other places contrary to the prescribed standards.

Sub Section7 (3) if it appears that the use of any types of substance, fuel, tools or device has caused or is likely to cause significant adverse impacts on the environment, the Ministry may, by a notification in the Nepal Gazette, forbid the use of such substance, fuel, tools or device.


Please down load National Asbestos Profile of Nepal.