Solid Waste Mgmt. & Technical Support

CEPHED and Solid Waste Management and Technical Support Centre (SWMTSC) has a long coordination and collaborating partner for organization of series of awareness raising and capacity building program for the solid waste management, health care waste management etc.

CEPHED has organized series of Regional Health Care Waste Management and POPs training jointly with SWMTSC, awareness raising and capacity building program on Heavy Metals (Lead , Mercury and Cadmium) in coordination with its municipalities networks throughout the country.

CEPHED has also contributed to SWMTSC towards Drafting of Solid Waste Management Act 2011 and Regulation 2013.


CEPHED has also carried out a study for SWMTSC on "Status of Health Care Waste Management in Kathmadu Valley" as the leading partner of its consulting firms called Environment Services Nepal (ESN) Private Limited in 2013

CEPHED is providing continuous support and collaboration to SWMTSC for the several solid waste management related programs time and again with its technical expertise and capabilities and participated several programs organized by SWMTSC and its exhibition as well as hospial monitoring for health care waste management.