Federation of Grill & Steel Association Nepal

Federation of Grill and Steel Fabricator's Association Nepal (FGFSN) is the sole association regarding the protection of worker's right from grill and steel sector. FGFSN raise the issues of grill entrepreneurs and advocate to policy level. Grill and Still workshop and machineries largely uses the wet welding machine which uses the PCB containing transformer oil. As PCB is renowned as the chemical with high potential to cause health impacts, grill and steel workers seem to be potential threat from the continuous use of wet welding machine.

So to make the grill and steel worker aware about the potential threat of PCB containing transformer oil and its potential available technologies, CEPHED and FGSFN is continuously working and organizing awareness raising and capacity development program throughout the country. From 2010 onwards, CEPHED and FGFSN initiated to work together. With the help of several funded projects, CEPHED and FGFSN jointly organized the awareness raising program and provided few dry welding machine to grill and steel entrepreneurs as a symbol to promote the dry welding machine and reduce the use of wet welding machine. With the help of CEPHED's program, it is found that, grill and steel entrepreneur's slowly and effectively shifted towards the use of dry welding machine.

FGSFN assisted the CEPHED for the inventory preparation and research program which was directed towards grill workers health and awareness level.