Standard of Lead in Paint

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MOSTE) enacted LEAD PAINT STANDARD of 90 ppm to eliminate Leaded paint from Nepal through publishing a Gazette Notification (Nepal Gazette, Khand 64, Number 30, dated 22 December 2014, Notice No. 3).

It will be effective from 181 days ( i.e. 6 Month from now), regulate import and national production, required to provide the label of lead content and precautionary message to avoid occupational exposures etc. This is an outcomes of years long campaign to eliminate lead paint from Nepal as the part of EU IPEN Switch Asia Lead Paint Elimination project implementing in seven Asian countries funded by EU. The support from UNDP GEF SGP, SSNC Sweden, WHO, Toxic Links and InSLAR, is also highly acknowledged towards bringing this good news.

Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) on the behalf of all children of Nepal welcome this progressive decision of Government of Nepal, MOSTE and hoping that effective implementation of this standard will ensure the protection of public health especially of children and environment.