Governance Structure

Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) has a well managed and established governance system and structure in order to run its core and project activities effectively and transparently. All our activities are guided by Financial and Administrative Guidelines passed by Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Constitution of CEPHED and also the Government directives and legislations.

CEPHED has an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of 7 Executive members including female members Viz: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 Executive Members. The Election of the Executive Committee is held in every two years.

A staff member is not allowed to hold any position of the EC. In the same way, a member of the EC is not allowed to hold a full time staff member's position.

The meeting of the EC is held periodically, at least once in every three months. The EC takes policy decisions whereas the Executive Director, in consultation with the Management Team (comprised of staff members), implements such policies and decisions. The Executive Director, with the support of staff members, develops, implement, monitor and evaluate the programs, make sure timely reporting as per the requirements of funding agencies and to the government agencies and runs the day to day affairs of the organization e.g. programs operation, finance and administration. The roles, terms and condition of staff members are as per defined in their appointment letter and agreed TOR. The role and responsibilities of members of the EC are clearly defined by the organization Constitution and other policy decisions adopted by the EC.

CEPHED has gender friendly policy in place which provides 3 month maternity leave to its female staffs. Similarly in recruitment policy qualified female candidate are encouraged to apply and suitable candidates are given priority and promoted in work as well. Staffs are also given several on the job training as well as professional level trainings. They are also provided opportunities for participation and contribution to the international forum relevant to their respective field of work and issues of engagements.

CEPHED has also adopted the policy of career development of the new comers' staffs, interns and volunteers and help as well as encourage to the extent possible for their better future careers and academic achievements. This has reflected well in the CEPHED history as many of our staffs either has succeed in securing the permanent government jobs and/or gone for abroad for higher education and better future careers.