Mercury Free Health Care Services (PI)

The government of Nepal, the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) has taken the very progressive decision of banning the import, purchase, and use of all mercury-based equipment in public as well as private health sectors. This decision took effect on 17th July 2013. Similarly, MOHP has taken another very progressive, environment and public health-friendly decision of banning the use of mercury dental amalgam effective since 21 Autists 2019. This decision specifically includes:

1. A complete ban on the use of mercury dental amalgam in pregnant and breastfeeding women and children below 15 years. 2. Ban the use of Mercury dental Amalgam in the other age groups of people within five years upon available alternatives.

3. Amends the curriculum from the use of mercury dental amalgam itself of the institution providing dental health education under Universities and Academics.

4. Ban using of mercury dental amalgam in a practical exercise. As a result, most healthcare facilities seem to have shifted to mercury-free healthcare services and mercury-free dentistry by adopting alternative mercury-free equipment and dental filling materials. Additionally, Nepal is a signatory to the Minamata Convention on Mercury since 2013 and preparing for ratification soon.

Sucess story of Mercury Free Healthcare Service and Mercury free dentistry in Nepal can be download and read from this link.Mercury Free Dentistry Success Story in Nepal June 12, 2020

With reference to your call for information on “Gender and Mercury” please find the following problem of mercury and gender identified in Nepal despite being the least explored area that needs to be extensively explored. There are limited studies with reference to human health and environmental impacts of mercury in Nepal. Though small, such studies could reveal the fact that some sectors have very high levels of mercury contamination, such as the fisher communities, hoteliers and gold plating workers in Nepal. Some also included into the MIA Report of Nepal 2019 (P 60-61) submitted to MC Secretariat. Some of them are listed as follows.

CEPHED has been raising these research based issues alongwith preparation, production, dissemination of several research based IEC materials like Posters, Briefing Papers, Fact Sheets, Bio monitoring reports, Radio and Video PSA as well as carried out several district, regional and national level awareness and capacity building workshop on Mercury including Policy Level stakeholder workshop to address Mercury Free Dentistry and Mercury Free Health Care services. Carried out a series of bio monitoring studies including in fish, fisher folk, metal plating workers, ayurvedic medicine industry workers etc., study of mercury in cosmetics, toys, CFL and campaigned for the required regulatory and institutional framework. As a result, the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population has taken very progressive decisions and banned import and use of all mercury based equipment since July 2013 and Dental amalgam since 21st August 2019. Served as the team member for preparing MIA Report 2019 for Nepal. Our campaign is ongoing for pushing for ratification of the Minamata Convention as soon as possible. 

Pls find the final Short Video of Mercury Free Health Care Initiative in Nepal

Please find another metal plating video ( no sound)  clearly explaining the whole process and level of exposure. MC Convention Secretariat should urgently address these important issues and requested to be included in my submission.

Please find attached our letter of submission, briefing papers and other documents that provide more detailed information related to our engagement with this mercury issue in Nepal.