Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) is an environmental organization with power to bring about change. They spread knowledge, map environmental threats, create solutions, and influence politicians and public authorities, at both national and international levels. Moreover, they are behind one of the world's most challenging eco-labellings, Good Environmental Choice. Climate, the oceans, forests, environmental toxins, and agriculture are our main areas of involvement. SSNC is governed by its members. Each member has a voice in a local branch. The branches offer a variety of activities. Excursions and practical conservation work combine to boost the members knowledge about, and love for, nature. Many branches also work to lobby decision makers on local or regional environmental issues, and take part in national campaigns. Delegates at the SSNC Assembly adopt guidelines for the work of the national organization and elect a governing board. A national office coordinates activities and provides services for the members.

CEPHED with support of SSNC carried our different project on Mercury , Chemical Safety and Research, Capacity Building and Awareness Raising for Heavy Metals (Hg, Pb, Cd) in Nepal. Under these programs, CEPHED conducted researches, publications, production of several IEC materials (poster, fact sheets, radio jingle, video documentary, organized district and regional level awareness and capacity building programs on 20 districts of Nepal providing awareness and training program to over 1000 Nepalese citizen representing different sectors such as government agencies, hospitals, municipalities, grill workers, painters, school children and teachers as well as media personnel.

With increased information and awareness raising and continuous advocacy as well as working closely with the respective government agencies contributed towards formulation of Mercury free health care related decision of banning Import, Purchase and Use of Mercury based equipments in health sectors in 2013 and promulgation of Mandatory standard of 90 ppm Lead in Paints 2014.